Mean Well SPU02L-12 DC-DC Converter - 2W 5±10%V DC in 12V out Meanwell

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Key Specifications

No. of Output  Single 
DC Input Range  5±10% 
Output  12V 
Approx. Wattage  2W 
Series  S (Single-output) 
Mechanical Form  Module 
Warranty  2 Years Warranty 
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SKU: SPU02L-12

  • Features

    3000VDC I/O isolation
    Internal SMD technology
    Single in line package
    Built-in EMI filter
    Protection: Short circuit
    Cooling by free air convection
    Non-conductive plastic case
    100% full load burn-in test
    Low cost, high reliability
    2 years warranty

    General Specification 

    Voltage set point accuracy ±2% (max.)
    Line regulation ±1.2% (max.) for 1% input variation
    Load regulation ±8% (max.)@20~100% load
    Isolation capacitance 80pF (max.)
    Efficiency 83% (typical) for SPU02; 88% (typical) for SPU03
    Short circuit protection Momentary
    Switching frequency 100kHz (min.) for SPU02; 60kHz (min.) for SPU03
    I/O isolation voltage 3000VDC (min.)
    I/O isolation resistance 100MQ(min.)@500DC
    Working temperature -40~+71°C (refer to output derating curve)
    Storage temperature -40°C to +105°C
    EMC Compliance to EN55022 class B, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8, FCC part15 class B
    Temp. Coefficient ±0.03% / °C (max.)
    Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 0.46"x 0.24"x 0.4"; 0.5"x 0.4"x 0.28"
    Case material non-conductive plastic
    1. Spec Sheet (SPU02)(EN)
    2. CE Declaration (SPU02)(EN)
    3. FCC Certificate (SPU02)(EN)
    4. EMC Certificate (SPU02)(EN)
    5. Test Report(SPU02L-12)(EN)
    1. Meanwell SPU02L-12 DC-DC Converter - 2W 5±10%V DC in 12V out
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