Mean Well DR-UPS40 DIN Rail UPS Module - 24V 40A Max. Meanwell

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Key Specifications

Output Voltage  24V 
Type  DIN Rail Type 
Approx. Wattage  960W 
Features  UPS(Security) 
Series  DIN Rail Redundancy 
Mechanical Form  Enclosed 
Warranty  3 Years Warranty 
IP Level  Non-Waterproof 
Input Voltage  100-240V auto-select 
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  • Features

    Battery controller for DIN rail UPS system
    Parallel connected to DC BUS
    Suitable for 24V system up to 40A
    Installed on DIN Rail TS35 / 7.5 or 15
    Built-in battery test function
    Battery polarity protection
    Relay contact signal output and LED indicator for DC BUS OK, Battery Fail, and Battery Discharge
    Cooling by free air convection
    3 years warranty

    General Specification 

    DC input / DC bus 24~29V, 40A max.
    Battery input voltage 21~29V
    Battery input Current 0~40A
    Charge current (typ.) 2A
    External battery (typ.) 24V, 4AH / 7AH / 12AH
    DC bus ok Relay status : Short when DC voltage between 21~29V(±3%), relay contacts LED(Green) : DC bus OK : light; DC bus fail : dark
    Battery fail Relay status : Short when battery failure is observed through the battery test function, relay contacts LED(Red) : Battery over-discharge warning or battery broken: light; Battery OK: dark
    Battery discharge Relay status : Short when battery in discharge condition, relay contacts LED(Yellow) : Battery discharging: light; Battery is not discharging or discharging current <2A: dark
    Working temperature -20~+70°C
    EMC standards EN55022 class B, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11
    Connection I/P: 2 poles, O/P: 2 poles screw DIN terminal, Single output: 6 poles
    Dimension (LxWxH) 55.5x 125.2x 100 mm
    CASE 923D
    1. Spec Sheet (DR-UPS40)(EN)
    2. CE Declaration (DR-UPS40)(EN)
    3. EMC Certificate (DR-UPS40)(EN)
    4. Test Report (DR-UPS40)(EN)
    1. Meanwell DR-UPS40 DIN Rail UPS Module - 24V 40A Max.
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