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Intelligent Security Power-DRS Series

Intelligent Security Power-DRS Series - powersupplymall.com

The rapid growth of high-rise buildings and the widespread use of electrical equipment have increased the importance of fire safety in building construction and maintenance. Smart fire protection systems, which typically consist of automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, are becoming more common in new buildings. The operation of these fire alarm systems depends on reliable security power supplies.

MEAN WELL has introduced the DRS series, a new DIN rail type all-in-one intelligent security power supply. The DRS-240/480 model's standout feature is its multi-functional integration, which combines an AC-DC power supply, battery charger, DC-UPS, and communication monitor in one compact package. The DRS series allows real-time monitoring of the power supply system, alerts users of any abnormalities, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances the system's reliability.

Available in 12/24/36/48V voltage configurations, the DRS series is suitable for various security system applications. It offers Form-C relay and LED indicator light alarm signals, enabling operators to quickly identify power supply system issues. Data exchange between the customer's main control system and the security power supply can be achieved through MODBus or CANBus communication, allowing for a clear view of alarm information and expanding the product's intelligent application capabilities. The UPS backup function supports automatic switching to battery power when the AC grid is disconnected and can be forced to run on battery power through the built-in forced start function if needed. The battery charging curve can be adjusted using the SBP-001 smart programmer or the built-in communication protocol compatible with different lead-acid and lithium-ion battery applications.

The DRS series' adaptability makes it suitable for integration into various security and fire protection systems. For example, the security system power distribution cabinet shown below includes the DRS-480-24 power supply, backup battery pack, and alarm control module. The DRS series replaces traditional power distribution cabinet designs, significantly reducing cabinet space requirements and simplifying wiring for easier on-site installation and debugging.

Intelligent Security Power-DRS Series

Figure 1 24V Fire Alarm System Control Cabinet

In addition to fire alarm control systems, the DRS series can power emergency lighting systems, ensuring adequate lighting within buildings during emergencies.

Intelligent Security Power-DRS Series

Figure 2 Emergency Lighting Power System

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